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About CPA Performance

CPA Performance stands for competence, experience and quality.

As manufacturer, we develop and produce all products in-house.

Our development engineers and technicians offer competence with over a decade of experience in the field of performance optimization. This know-how we use daily for the development of intelligent and innovative detailed solutions.

The CPA Performance Team gained experience in more than 40 years of racing / motorsport, to the present day this detailed knowledge about engines gives us a quality and innovation lead in the area of performance optimization.

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Performance increase

Chiptuning with our PowerBox by using power reserves in your engine. Thus, your engine develops noticeably more power without increased wear.

Improved throttle response

The CPA PedalBox significantly improves the throttle response of your vehicle. Depending on the setting of the PedalBox different engine mappings are possible. The setting can be easily adapted to the respective driving situation via the buttons.

Simply connected

The Connective System has a patented communication solution between PedalBox in the vehicle interior and PowerBox in the engine compartment. If the setting of the PedalBox is changed, the characteristic curves of the PowerBox are automatically adjusted.

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The famous ConnectiveSystem

Another innovation of CPA Chiptuning is the patented ConnectiveSystem.

Benefit from the optimal interaction between PedalBox and PowerBox.

To the Product

The advantages at CPA

Up to 31% performance increase

Due to the professionally developed software of our PowerBoxes an additional power of up to 31% is possible.

Better throttle response

The CPA PedalBox significantly improves the throttle response of your car. Use the buttons on the PedalBox to select five different settings.

Fuel saving

The PowerBox contributes to the fact that your car consumes up to 1,5 liters less fuel with the same driving style. Convince yourself!

Controllable from the interior

With the ConnectiveSystem, the various driving modes can be conveniently controlled via the PedalBox from the interior, so you can choose between the different modes depending on the driving situation.

Aluminium housing

For our PowerBoxes we use an aluminium housing to protect the high-quality electronics against external influences such as water or heat.

Modern electronics

Our PowerBoxes use modern, high-quality electronics, thus characteristic curves can be adapted to the respective situation in the nanosecond range.

Intensive dyno tests
Our focus is the technical development

Reasons, for choosing CPA.

Our four-wheel dyno

On our dyno cars with front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive up to 1.100 Nm of torque can be measured.

At our tests, we always rely on extensive dyno tests including exhaust gas measurement and testing of the working temperatures of various engine parts. We use a set of external temperature sensors, which check and record the important operating temperatures of various engine parts with and without tuning. With new engines, intensive tests are always carried out at full load and with maximum power increase.

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German engineering

For many years, we, the management and development team of CPA, have been developing and designing a variety of software and technical products. Now we have packed all this know-how and all our experiences into the PowerBox and PedalBox. We do not leave anything to chance.

We rely on experienced and award-winning engineers from the Stuttgart area.

Driving pleasure and environmental protection

Power increase and environmental protection are no longer necessarily in conflict with chiptuning of CPA Performance. If the torque is increased during power optimization, more feed than before can be achieved at low rpm. This leads to a partially enormous fuel saving.

Decades of racing experience

Not only our development team has many years of racing experience, our management also has a lot of experience.

As CPA Chiptuning we strive for extraordinary performance! This is both a requirement and a motivation - for our company and our products. The management and development team at CPA Chiptuning can look back on more than 40 years of racing experience in motorsport. These included Formula 2 (EC), World Championship races in motorcycle racing, go-kart racing, Supermoto and most recently the national Superbike class. This racing experience is combined with detailed engineering work from the automotive region of Stuttgart. Every day we work passionately to strive for excellence. That is how our PowerBox came into being, into which we put all our heart and our expertise. Convince yourself.

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CPA Chiptuning®

Our PowerBox | Our PedalBox | Our ConnectiveSystem – Our Vision

The motivation and aspiration of CPA Chiptuning specialize in Chiptuning (TuningBox, PowerBox). The management and development team at CPA Chiptuning can look back on more than 40 years of racing experience in motorsport. These included Formula 2 (EC), World Championship races in motorcycle racing, go-kart racing, Supermoto and most recently the national Superbike class. This tuning experience from racing combines with detail-loving engineering work from the Stuttgart automotive region. This makes our tuning box to a successful chiptuning PowerBox. Through our commitment modern chiptuning with the PowerBox was developed. The increased power with our PowerBox (TuningBox) is noticeable, and the throttle response has also been improved. We focus on quality directly from the heart of Baden-Württemberg, that’s why our products are designed, developed and manufactured directly by us. Rely on Swabian engineering skill. In our PowerBox we use modern processors. These allow fast engine mapping improvement. The management and development team of CPA Chiptuning has been developing software for many years. Now, all our experience and knowledge we could finally pack in our tuningbox to be able to offer such an interesting product. We deliver your Chiptuning PowerBox with a software especially for your vehicle. This corresponds to the basic setting when delivered. However, you have the opportunity to adjust the PowerBox according to your wishes individually and very conveniently. The combination of up to 72Mhz (Nitro only) fast processors and sophisticated software makes the PowerBox a great product.

Externally, our tuning box can also be seen. For the housing we use aluminum, which is equipped with a special soft plastic seal and a specially developed and waterproof plug. This way, the inside can be protected from water and dirt. The protection degree of tightness is IP 67, which corresponds to a comparatively high standard. For our connectors, we decided to do our own development so that we can be sure that the data records are transferred quickly and securely. With the remote control, you can activate and deactivate our top model from the vehicle interior. The PowerBox (optional) delivers power at the push of a button. With our products, fuel consumption and performance are no longer in conflict. Because with these you can reduce the fuel consumption by up to 1 liter with the same driving style and thus contribute to a better mobility.

With the PowerBox you can achieve an additional performance of up to 31% on some cars. The exact extra power you find out, if you have selected your car in the menu item "car selection".

There is not much to say about chiptuning installation. We always deliver the fitting cable set including the necessary connectors. All you have to do is put the PowerBox in between and fix it, then you can start immediately.

With our PowerBox we guarantee every customer 100% satisfaction. If this does not apply to you, we will gladly make a free fine adjustment of your PowerBox. Our goal is to satisfy you completely and to give you pleasure in our products.

Our car tests

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